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What is Hakomi?


The word Hakomi comes from the Hopi Native American tribe. In the Hopi language it means 'Where do I stand in relation to the many realms?' In other words, it's a way of reflecting on how one relates to oneself, to others and the wider world.


It is

  • a mindfulness-based, body-centred approach to psychotherapy

  • a growth and personal development approach of 'assisted self study' where anyone who wants to understand themselves better can benefit

In Hakomi we create a safe, compassionate space where you can feel welcome just as you are.  


A Hakomi practitioner pays close attention to your physicality - your non-verbal communication - as well as what you are saying and feeling. You will be guided to use gentle curiosity and mindfulness to help you develop self awareness. To notice what is happening, moment by moment,  physically, emotionally and mentally.

From this place of awareness, we assist you to uncover unconscious beliefs  and adaptations, often formed in early life. These 'core beliefs' often shape how you relate to others and how you see the world. They may be outdated and self-limiting. 

Through bringing them into consciousness there is a possibility of choosing to relate in new, and more fulfilling, ways.

How can Hakomi help me?

  • It can help you tap into your strengths and resources.  Some of which you might not even be aware of.


  • It can help you respond to challenges and difficult situations with more options.  

  • It can help soften painful memories and experiences and support you to feel more positively connected to life and other people.

You can find out more about the method and its founder, Ron Kurtz, here 

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Relational Mindfulness Workshop

Saturday, 17th June, 2023
10 am - 1 pm

Cost £25 (concession rate available)
Come and enjoy a morning of relating mindfully with Loan and Caroline Martin, her Hakomi colleague.

What to expect:
The morning will begin with a relaxing, guided mindfulness meditation.

Loan and Caroline will then guide you through a series of simple exercises, done in pairs, or threes, which can help you 

  • connect with others in an openhearted way

  • explore your habitual ways of responding and relating

  • relate in ways that can be relaxing and nourishing

You do not need to have any experience of mindfulness to attend. Just bring your curiosity and willingness to explore.

Spaces are limited and your place will be confirmed upon payment.

Please email Loan for payment information and to book your place

"What a singularly enriching morning spent in ease and company, lovingly and supportively guided"

"I really enjoyed the relaxing at the end. I had not experienced being so relaxed before. There are many things that the workshop made me understand about myself."

"I enjoyed meeting new people in the breakout rooms ... and feeling the meaningful connection which has the potential to be present when we slow right down and drop our adaptive responses; and learn how to be more lovingly present, it is deeply nourishing."

"If you can observe your own experience with a minimum of intereference, and if you don't try to control what you experience, if you simply allow things to happen and you observe them, then you will be able to discover things about yourself that you did not know before. You can discover little pieces of the inner structures of your mind, the very things that make you who you are."

Ron Kurtz

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Image by Katie Moum


Sessions are available online via Zoom and in person. 

In person sessions are in quiet, peaceful therapy rooms 5 minutes walk from Kentish Town tube station. There are also numerous bus links and residential parking.

Book a session

Cost and availability

One to one sessions are 55 minutes. Practice days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Cost: £75

Concession rates are available.  Please ask.


You are advised to initially plan to have three sessions. This will give you the chance to develop trust in working together and sense whether Hakomi is an approach that is beneficial for you. 

Relational Mindfulness group sessions are also available.  These are based on the practice of 'Loving Presence', a key way of relating in Hakomi. 


These workshops can be tailored to your organization and help build strong feelings of connection and trust,  essential ingredients for nurturing collaborative and satsifying team work. 


Contact Loan to find out more.

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