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What does a Hakomi session feel like?

How do clients experience working with Loan?

Testimonials: Testimonials

Hakomi with Loan has been a a profound, yet gentle journey of self discovery and reconnecting with the self. Picking up on a thread of the current moment, Loan invites you to look inwards at a thought, feeling or bodily sensation, uncovering connections that are often surprising and occasionally painful. With Loan’s insight and guidance it is as if you are offered stepping stones towards self-acceptance and self-nourishment.

Loan has a wealth of therapeutic and life experience that informs and enhances her Hakomi practice. She is gentle, measured and caring. These qualities enable her to create a safe and sensitively held environment. I found it easy to put my trust in Loan and at the same time retain my independence and be fully myself. Loan's presence is quiet and spacious. I feel she has all the time in the world for me and her attentiveness is healing in itself. Astute, insightful and bright, Loan is open to the humour that can arise in a session, as well as the challenges. I always felt Loan 'got me,' understood and accepted me. I've loved working with Loan and would recommend her unreservedly

Laura , Acupuncturist

Caroline, Massage Therapist

Working with Loan for the last year and half has brought benefits and an awareness to my life that has been really helpful. The collaborative nature of Hakomi, coupled with Loan's gentle, compassionate and intuitive approach, has been an experience that has revealed patterns and a resourcefulness in myself that I was unaware of. I would highly recommend Loan if you want to increase your awareness of your body and mind relationship, and if you need a place to stop and be still and take stock in your life.

Natalie, Art of Swimming and Shiatsu Practitioner

Working with Loan has been one of the most calming therapeutic experiences I've had. Her gentle openness to whatever my body's experiencing at any given moment allowed me to compassionately examine any sensations that arose in our sessions. The Hakomi sessions with her were a fantastic way to make space for rest during a busy, turbulent period in my life. I would highly recommend Loan as a guide towards a greater awareness and acceptance of your somatic responses.

Paul, poet and documentary film worker

Loan provided a calm, warm and non- judgemental space where I was able to truly look inside. In this stillness, I was able to find my own inner strength to make decisions, big and small, that really shifted things in my life. I will always be grateful for the guidance and genuine kindness I received during a period of great change.

A., musician

For me,  Hakomi with Loan is giving life to my body mind connection. It awakens, feeds and nourishes the parts that were unseen, unheard and unfelt. It meets me where I am because it is all about me in the moment, in the presence of someone who is sensitive and acts as a witness and also a feedback system to what my body is emitting. It’s a profound experience of being with your Self.

It’s something that I need and want in my life as I evolve forwards as it deepens my understanding of self and soul with a gentleness that exposes my truth and authenticity by peeling back the layers. It’s such a beautiful practice.

Thank you Loan for your presence and curiosity.


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